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2409 Route 9, Malta, NY 12020


Monday – Friday: 8AM – 8PM
Saturday: 7AM – 8PM
Sunday: 9AM – 6PM

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Below you’ll find our frequently asked questions! Still have questions? Feel free to contact us by filling out the form below or by sending an email to .


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.
Is it easy to enter Buster’s Car Wash?
After the Phaeton with State Route 9 roundabout, Buster’s Car Wash is easily accessible from StoneBreak Road or Route 9. We are located at 2409 Route 9, Malta, NY 12020.
What are the hours and locations of Buster’s Car Wash?
Every day of the week, Buster’s Car Wash is open:
Monday through Friday: 8 AM to 8 PM
Saturday: 7 AM to 8 PM
Sunday: 9 AM to 6 PM
How does Buster’s Unlimited Wash Club work?
With Buster’s Unlimited Wash Club, you can wash unlimited times per month for one low monthly fee. No check-in is required, wash any day of the week for less than $2 a day.
What are the steps to joining Buster’s Unlimited Wash Club?

If you want to join the unlimited club, you can either sign up online or come into one of our locations.

What is the date of my membership billing?
A monthly membership fee will be charged to your account at the beginning of each month.
When I get a new license plate or a new car, what happens?
If you need to change your license plate information, you can do so online under manage membership or speak to an employee at any of our locations.
Can I cancel my unlimited wash plan?
If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so by phone or at one of our locations.
When my unlimited plan is canceled, what happens?
Once you cancel, you will not be billed for your membership.
Are you recycling your water?

80 percent of our water is recycled using a reclaim process including reverse osmosis and spot-free purification. As part of our commitment to providing a green business and minimizing our environmental impact, we use less than 33 gallons of water per wash.

As a member, how many times can I wash my car per month?
Unlimited means unlimited!
What is the cost of the vacuums at Buster’s Car Wash?
Buster’s Car Wash guests can use the vacuum for free.
In your tunnel, are electric cars safe?
Electric cars are completely safe to drive in our tunnels.
Does Buster’s Car Wash offer tire shine?
Premium, Ultimate, and Signature packages include tire shine. You can use tire shine to give your tires a long-lasting, high-gloss shine.
Can Buster’s Car Wash polish my car with a big buff wheel?
That’s right! Buff and shine your car with our Signature package!
Do Buster’s Car Washes scratch cars?
We use fabric that is safe for washing. The coating inhibits the absorption of water and dirt, preventing the build-up of paint-harming debris. We use non-looped, non-absorbent polyester fabric for our curtains. Every time fabric is washed, it is consistently rinsed.
Are the soaps, detergents, and waxes used at Buster’s Car Wash safe for my car?
Without a doubt! Using Buster’s Car Wash chemistry means that your vehicle will be enhanced, not damaged.
What is the average time it takes for Buster’s Car Wash to complete?
It takes less than 5 minutes to wash your car at Buster’s Car Wash! Enjoy a quick and easy car wash that saves you time and money!
Does Buster’s offer a touchless option?
Yes! Simply ask an attendant for the touchless option when you arrive.
Buster’s Car Wash accepts what forms of payment?
Cash, debit, and credit cards are accepted at Buster’s Car Wash. American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted.
What is the purpose of self-serve pay stations?
A "no pressure" purchasing experience is offered at our self-serve pay stations. At the pay station, you can purchase Unlimited Plans and Gift Cards. You can ask one of our attendants for assistance if you have trouble.
In case of bad weather, do you close?
The safety of our lot and the wash process dictate whether we close on bad weather days. We close our lot if there is ice or snow on the ground until it is safe for our customers and team members. Keeping our equipment and your vehicle safe in extreme cold is also important.
Is there anything that you can do for interiors?
Although we are an exterior-only service, we do have free vacuums on site and offer various cleaning products inside.
Is it safe to wash a cracked windshield?

In fact, windshield glass becomes more susceptible to expanding when exposed to any rock chips, even small ones, regardless of the size. If you have windshield damage on your vehicle, you should repair it immediately after it occurs to avoid the expansion of chips or cracks in your windshield. While you can wash your vehicle with windshield damage, you are at risk of expanding chips or cracks.

Will my vehicle fit?

We cannot accept vehicles that sit lower than 4.5”, tires wider than 13”, height clearance over 7’4”, dually’s, or trucks or vans with ladders.

Should I stay in my car?
While the vehicle is being washed, please remain in the vehicle. Keep your vehicle in neutral, your foot off the brake, and your hands off the wheel. Have fun!
Is your company locally owned?
In fact, yes. Malta residents own and operate our company.